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Airlines and Bush Pilots of Alaska - Past and Present

The purpose of this site is to reconize all the airlines, cargo carriers, air taxi's etc. that have served Alaska from the early year to present. 

Pilots and the personnel that kept the airplanes in the air are recognized.

Some of the carriers only had one airplane and one pilot and were basic mom-and-pop operations. Others, were or are major carriers such as Delta and American Airlines.

While a large portion of the air carriers originate within the state of Alaska or in the case of the early carriers the territory of Alaska, many of them do not. We have tried to include carriers that have provided service to the state even though they may be headquartered out of state.

The impact of aviation in Alaska is enormous. It is important to highlight the various types of air service regardless of the size of their fleets or numbers of employees.

Some of the larger Alaska local carriers of the past such as Reeve Aleutian, Mark Air, Pacific Northern Airlines, and Wien Airlines will be covered in great detail. In essence each of their respective pages on this site will be an Internet tribute dedicated to the airline and her people.

Many of the smaller Alaska local carriers of the past will have very little information however is it is important to recognize their contribution to the people of the State of Alaska.


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