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Purpose of the Site

Airlines and Bush Pilots of Alaska

The purpose of this site is to reconize all airlines, cargo carriers, air taxi's etc.that have served Alaska from the very first powered flight in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1913 to today's aviators and air carriers that continue today.

Histories of airlines past and present are covered.  Each airline and air carrier will have a page dedicated to them.  Larger airlines will have many pages of items and history displayed.  Each in it's own way will be an internet museum dedicated to that carrier. 

This site, Your Site is intended as a reference and research site for the historian as well as a source of information and entertainment for the casual observer. Hopefully this site will complement those that are already on the web.

Please enjoy the site and email me should you have anything you would like to add.

Contributions to this online collection are always welcome and appreciated.

Information on all phases of the aviation industry that have served Alaska is always appreciated and encouraged.

Suggestions to make the site more user friendly and enjoyable is also appreciated.

Donations graciously accepted.

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