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Airlines of Alaska - Past and Present

Welcome to the Airline's page.

This directory is a listing of air carriers that have served Alaska or are currently providing service within the state. Some of the carriers only had one airplane and one pilot and were basic mom-and-pop operations. Others, were or are major carriers such as Delta and American Airlines.

While a large portion of the air carriers originate within the state of Alaska or in the case of the early carriers the territory of Alaska, many of them do not. We have tried to include carriers that have provided service to the state even though they may be headquartered out of state.

Many of the carriers listed below are not really airlines at all. Many are air taxis, air service to hunting and fishing lodges, charter operators and even cargo carriers both local and domestic.

The impact of aviation in Alaska is enormous. It is important to highlight the various types of air service regardless of the size of their fleets or numbers of employees.

Some of the larger Alaska local carriers of the past such as Reeve Aleutian, Mark Air, Pacific Northern Airlines, and Wien Airlines will be covered in great detail. In essence each of their respective pages on this site will be an Internet tribute dedicated to the airline and her people.

Many of the smaller Alaska local carriers of the past will have very little information however is it is important to recognize their contribution to the people of the State of Alaska.


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The Airlines

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Abbe Air
Ace Air Cargo
Ackerman - Davies Airways
Acord's Charter Service
Aho Flying Service
Air Canada
Aircraft Charter Company
Air France
Air Logistics
Air North
Air One
Air Pacific
Air Supply Alaska
Air Transport Associates
Airways, Inc
Akland Helicopters
Alaska Aerial Transport
Alaska Aeromarine
Alaska Aeronautical Industries - AAI
Alaska Airlines
Alaska Air Charter
Alaska Air Express
Alaska Air Guides
Alaska Air Service
Alaska Air Transport
Alaska Central Air
Alaska Central Express
Alaska Coastal Airlines
Alaska Coastal Ellis Airlines
Alaska Helicopters
Alaska North Flying Service
Alaska Interior Airlines
Alaska International Air - AIA
Alaska Island Airways
Alaska Oregon Washington Airplane Company
Alaska Seaboard Airlines
Alaska SeaPlane Service
Alaska Southcoast Airways
Alaska Southern Airways
Alaska Star Airlnes
Alaska Travel Air
Alaska Washington Airways
Alaskan Airways
Alaskan Coastal Airways
Al Jones Flying Service

Alyeska Air Service
American Airlines
ANA All Nippon Airways
Anchorage Air Transport
Anchorage Airways
Arctic Airways
Arctic Circle Air Transport
Armstrong Air Service
Audi Air
Aurora Air Service
Avalon Air Transport
Baker Aviation
Bay Air
Bear Paw Flying Service

Barnhill & McGee Airways
Barr Airways
Barrow Air
Bennett-Rodebaugh Company Inc
Bering Sea Airways
Bering Air
Bethel Airways
Birchwood Air Service
Bowman Airways

Bristol Bay Air Service
Bristol Bay Airlines
Bristol Bay Airways
British Airways
Brooks Fuel
Bush Air
Bush Pilots Air Service
Byers Airways
Camai Air
Cape Smythe Air Service
Carlson Air Service

Carr Air Service
Channel Flying Service
Chisum Flying Service of Alaska

Christensen's Flying Service
Claypool Flying Service
Coast Air
Coastal Aviation

Collins Air Service
Cordova Airlines
Cordova Air Service

Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Service
Denali Wilderness Air
Desert Air
Dillingham Air Service
Dodson Air Service
Dorrance Airways
Eagle Air
Edelweiss Air
Ellis Airlines
Ellis Air Taxi
Ellis Air Transport
Era Aviation
Era Classic Aviation
Era Helicopters
Evergreen Helicopters
Everts Air Cargo
Everts Air Fuel
Executive Charter Service

40-Mile Air
Fairbanks Airplance Company
Fairbanks Air Service
Ferguson Airways
Ferguson Flying Service
Flight Alaska
Flying Tiger
Foster Aviation
Friendship Air Alaska
Frontier Airways

Frontier Flying Service
Frontier Airlines
Galena Air Service
Gifford Aviation
Gillam Airways
Glacier Bay Airways
Golden North Airways
Gorst Air Transport
Graham Airways
Grayling Air Service
Great Northern Airlines
Grant Aviation
Gulkana Air Service
Haines Airways
Harbor Airlines
Harbor Air Service
Harold's Air Service
Hawaiian Airlines
Hermen's Air
Hub Air Service
Illimna Air Service
Inlet Airlines
International Air Taxi
Interior Airways
Inter-Valley Airlines
Irving Airways
Japan Airlines
Jet Alaska
Jim Dodson Airways
Jim Dodson Air Service
Juneau Marine Airways
JetBlue Airways

Kenai Air Alaska
Kenai Aviation
Kenmore Air Harbor
Kennedy Air
Ketchikan Airways
Ketchikan Air Service
Ketchum Air Service

Kings Flying Service
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Kodiak Airways
Kodiak Western Alaska Airways
Korean Air
Koyukon Air
LAB Airlines
L.A.B. Flying Service
Larry's Flying Service
Lavery Airways
Leconte Airlines
Lerdahl Flying Service
Liberty Air
Lons Flying Service
Lou Brennan Flying Service

Lyden Air Cargo
Lyle Airways
Lyle and Dorrance Airways
Martin Air Service
Majestic Air
Marine Airways
Markair Express
McGee Airways
Mirow Air Service
Mt McKinley Airfreight
Munster's Aircraft Charter Service
Munz Air Service
Munz Northern Airlines
Nat Brown Air Service
Nat Browne Flying Service
National Air Transport
National Airlines
New England Airlines
Nicholson Air Service

North Canada Air Express
Northern Air Cargo
Northern Air Service
Northern Air Transport
Northern Airways
Northern Cross Airways
Northern Consolidated Airlines
North Pacific Airlines - NPA
Northwest Airlines
Northwest Orient
Oscar Winchell Flying Service
Olson Air Service

Pacific Alaska Airways
Pacific Alaska Airlines
Pacific Coast Airlines
Pacific East Air
Pacific Express
Pacific International Airways
Pacific Northern Airlines

Pan Am
Panhandle Airways
Panhandle Air Transport Company
Peck and Rice Airways
Pen Air
Peninsular Airways
Peninsular Flying Service
Petco Aviation
Petersburg Air Service
Peterson Flying Service
Pioneer Airwayyys
Polar Airlines
Polar Alaska Entrprises
Pollack Air Service
Ptarmigan Airways

Raven Air
Ray Petersen Flying Service
Reeve Aleutian Airways
Reeve Airways
Regal Air
Rinehart Seaplane Service
Roust Airways
Ruoff Bristol Bay Air Service
Rust's Flying Service
Ryan Air Service
Safeway Airlines
Sasseen Airways
Seagull Air
SEA Airmotive
SeaPort Airlines
Servant Air
Service Airways
Seward Airways
Shared Services Aviation - Shared Services
Shellabarger Flying Service

Skagway Air
Sky Van Airways
Southcentral Air
Southeast Airlines
Southeast Alaska Airlines

Star Air Service
Star Air Lines
Talarik Creek Air Service
Talkeetna Air Taxi
Tanana Air Service
Tatoduk AirService
Taquan Air Service
TCA Trans-Canada Airlines

Temsco Airlines
Temsco Helicopters
Trans Arctic Airways
Transocean Air Lines

Trans Northern Aviation
Troy Air
TWA Trans World Airlines
Tyee Airlines
Unalakleet Air Taxi
United Airlines
Universal Air Lines
USAir US Airways
Valdez Airlines
Valdez Air Service
Valley Air Transport
Vanderpool Flying Service
Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic
Walatka Air Service
Walker Air Service
Warbelow's Air Ventures
Ward Air
Wardair Canada
Webber Air
Westair Transport
Westflight Aviation
Western Airlines
Western Alaska Airlines
White Pass and Yukon Airways
Wien Air Alaska
Wien Airways
Wien Alaska Airways
Wien Alaska Airlines
Wien Consolidated Airlines
Wilbur's Inc
Wings of Alaska
World Airways
Woodley Airways
Woods Air Service
Wrangell Air
Wrangell Air Service
Wright Air Service
Yakutat Coastal Airlines
Yukon Air Service
Yute Air Service

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