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Valdez Air Service

1935 -1936


History of the Airline and Her People


Valdez Air Service (ca. 1935 - ca. 1936) was started in 1935 in Valdez, Alaska by Jack Peck and Myron Moffett. 

Peck did the flying and Moffett did the mechanic work.

Their business was advertised as Passenger, Freight and Charter.

In 1936 Jack Peck puchased a second aircraft for the company.  Morgan Davies was hired on as a pilot for the Air Service.  Years earlier Peck and Davies were business partners in California.

The Air Service flew a Ryan Brougham registered as NC4653.  This aircraft was later sold to A.R. Lyle of Copper Center, Alaska.  It was destroyed in a hanger fire in August of 1936.

In March of 1936 Peck purchased a second aircraft for the company.  This was a Stearman M-2 purchased from Harold Gillam.

Many references refer to Morgan Davies as W. Morgan Davies and as William Davies.



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